Leigh Folk Festival, 2016

Leigh Folk Festival, 2016

 This is a great choir! It is so easy to join…no audition and everyone was exceptionally friendly and welcoming. We sing an interesting variety of songs and Cleo has an amazing talent to bring out the best in us and make it all such good fun. You won’t need to be a great singer or have experience with a choir to join, you just need to enjoy singing with other people.

Andrea Brain

Mudlarks community choir is a joy to be in.

It is very inclusivive and does songs from all over the world.

It is so uplifting to be in such a wonderful community.

Thanks for such a wonderful experience Cleo.

 xx 😀

 Norah lane - age 9

x x x x x x x x x x x😙

We are very fortunate to have Cleo as our teacher here. It is a social gathering, everybody is extremely friendly, when it ends I'm always surprised because time flies by...There's always a great choice of tea, coffee and biscuits at break time.

Jimmy Constantinou

I always look forward to Monday evenings.  It's a great chance to meet new people, make good friends, and to sing beautiful songs led by the amazing Cleo.

My Mondays will never be the same!
Thanks Mudlarks, you are great

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